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Hi I am Mal Williams

I first became a radio presenter when I joined Venture Radio in early April 2010.

I brought to the station a show called “The Music Zone. The show continues today in various forms now across other internet radio stations too.

I have lived in the county of Kent in the UK all my life from where I present my show from one of the Kent studios.

I would very much like to welcome you to the newly formed that I co- own that came on the air in June 2017. I hope you can join me when you can tune in by the various means that are available and listed on the stations web site.

I enjoy good modern music and music from the early years when I remember when pirate radio stations were on the air and all at sea.

Welcome to the Music Zone and look forward to welcoming you soon to one of my shows..



Hi my names Joanne but i

like to be called Jo or jojo.I am a co-owner and a  presenter of XLR radio. 

Check out the schedule for days and times.



Hi I'm DJ Grim. 
I've been a DJ for 12 years but gave it up to become a darts player
and a father to four beautiful girls. But now I'm back on XLR Radio.

Check out the schedule for days and times 

Hope to see you there !!!



I'm Married with two children,I now live in Oxfordshire after growing up in
Kent where most of my family still live.
I have always loved listening to
all kinds music and will always have a radio on somewhere.
Radio broadcasting has been something that I had thought about,
and believed one day I may achieve being on air.

Join me for my Show "Music, Then and Now" here on XLR radio Every Monday from 7pm until 8pm. I will be playing great music from 60's up to the present day




My name is Shelley McRobbie and I present The Scene on Thursday evenings from 8pm. My show consists of a range of up-to-date music and a few golden oldies thrown in!
Every week we have the backwards track where I like to keep you guessing…
We have loads of banter on The Scene, chatting about all the topics that matter!
We also occasionally have special guests on #TheSceneSpeaks where I ask up and coming acts your questions!
As well as having a vast range in my music collection, I love photography, tattoos and pranks!
So pull up a stool and join the banter, Thursday  from 8pm… oh and send in a selfie!



Hi I’m Sarah,I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember,I play the violin & bagpipes and also sing. Mum of three and currently studying full time for an honours degree. XLR Radio is the first station where I have had my own show so I’m a newbie, and loving it, although I have a lot of family and friends who are on air. You can catch me on the Fabulous 90’s every Thursday from 6-8pm, and on the Sunday Sessions every Sunday from 8-10pm, I broadcast from the Scotland Studio, along side some of our other Scottish Presenters.



The Lazy B Story…
Born at a very young age in Bournville, Birmingham, England. I attended Raddlebarn Junior & Infants School, followed by Selly Oak Boys. After School most evenings you would find Lil’ LB working in my local butchers shop ? Chopping his meat on the block and amazing all the customers with his chunky lean chops and big portions! (and mopping the floor too) *sob*Junior LB made his move to Radio by joining Hospital Radio (BHBN) and after excelling soon found myself as a tech Op @ Birmingham’s BRMB. soon moved on and after freelancing at various stations in the midlands including Kix96, WM, Xtra Am & WYVN, Birmingham’s Buzz FM, (not to mention dabbling in Pirate Radio). Buzz FM was a local was a local station that was suffering financial problems and had found itself in danger of going bankrupt (yet again) and was only days away from disappearing from the airwaves of Birmingham ?I made my move from Radio to TV and worked on such programmes as Dalziel & Pascoe, Casualty, The Bill, TFI Friday, Eastenders, Dr Who and many, many other dramas, mostly for the BBC, including “Hotel Babylon” and Torchwood!

You can catch the great Lazy B Every Sunday Night at 10pm Here on XLR Radio!



Craigyboy is a 31-year-old that has done many years in radio for many different stations. One thing Craig is really fussy about is the quality of the sound his show brings. A huge amount of time (and money!) has been spent ensuring we make the best sound possible. Most of the imaging (jingles) you hear on the show has been made by Craigyboy himself ensuring the whole show package is tailored to suit Craigyboy style.
So more about Craig, well he lasted one day at Hospital Radio, let's just say there are a few 'chancers' in that field! I am really hands on and I couldn't cope with starting from the bottom, that is what you get for spending many years messing about with computers and radio equipment teaching yourself I suppose!One thing I have taken from all this, is that radio is a very hard game to get into! I hold my hands up to anyone that has got a job in radio. I'm lucky in a way as I've got support from some great people and friends who, like me, have all tried different things in radio to further their career. My best friend Aaron has been a massive part of this setup and technical parts. He is a fellow presenter and a self-confessed computer geek(!). He is the man who hosts the show technical side & website plus my 'go to' guy when I need to discuss the next steps of furthering the show. For that reason, I owe him a massive thank you!
Right enough about me, if you want to know more please ask, I don't bite(!). I am LIVE every Saturday here on XLR Radio at 8pm



Hi my name's Daz, also known as Dazman and I joined XLR Radio in June 2017.
I come from Kent in the South-East of England where I have lived all my life.
As well as listening to music my other hobby is campanology!

I've loved playing music since I was very young & love all kinds of music from the
50's to today.
I especially like the 60's & 80's pop as well as liking for Irish folk group Clannad
as well.
Coming into radio has been a long awaited ambition of mine to be a presenter/DJ.

If you like a good variety of music then feel free to listen to my shows as I tend to
play a bit of everything.



XLR Radio was looking for a presenter who was smart, had a good vocabulary, a sense of humor and had tons of charisma. Instead we got Big Bob, a native of Detroit, Motown , Michigan. Bob's Memory Lane show features "Old Time Rock & Roll" along with charted hits from the 50's 60's and 70's, including one hit wonders and covers. Bob's database contains charted tunes from a variety of popular groups.
 Bob says, "We just don't play songs, we play memories. Before we had cell phones, before there were CD-ROMS, before microwave ovens dictated what we ate, and before SUV's emptied our wallets, wasn't life much simpler?  If you remember the Motown Sound, Drive-in Movies, and Cruising your Main Street, then sit back, listen, enjoy, and reminisce with the tunes that will never die!"


Larry Kratka is the host and producer of Nothing But Old 45s and a seasoned U.S. broadcaster that has literally PLAYED most of the songs you hear on the show when he was on the air at radio stations from Massachusetts to Florida. The Connecticut native was the kid who would be playing records at school 
dances and that translated to a long career in broadcasting and as a mobile DJ.  Among the many radio stations he has worked at are WBEC-AM-FM and WUPE-AM-FM in Pittsfield, MA where he spent 28 years on the air.  In his spare time, Larry is a ham radio operator who has contacted people all over the world.  He is also a card-carrying member of the National Weather Service “Skywarn” program and has used his ham radio station in emergency situations several times.   He is also an award-winning photographer with a number of photo exhibitions to his credit.  

You can Listen to him Monday Afternoons from 4pm here on XLR Radio!



Gary started his DJ career back in the days when half a dozen singles from Saturday Night Fever were guaranteed to fill the dance floor. Hospital radio beckoned in the early 1990s before community radio tempted him out of retirement. Gary's shows can now be heard on stations around the globe.
My Generation - the 60s show is probably the world's first ever online 60s show, starting as it did in 1996, and regularly features exclusive interviews with 60s stars such as Dave Clark, Stu Cook (Creedence) and Tom McGuinness (Manfred Mann). Part One of My Generation can be heard on Big L International on a Monday evening at 10pm with Part Two at the same time Tuesday evening.
You can also hear Gary at 10pm on Wednesday evenings hosting his Sounds Of The Seventies show.Gary writes a monthly sixties column for the Hampshire Chronicle and he also publishes the official websites for his friends The Searchers and The Troggs!

Take a look at the schedule to see when his shows are aired here on XLR Radio



Hello! My name is John Farmery and I've have always had an interest
 in radio, right from the early Sixties, when I listened to Radio Luxembourg and Pick of The Pops, with the late great Alan Freeman. 
I was a teenager during the Sixties and a Twenty something during 
the Seventies. Those two decades were the most exciting times to be young..plenty of jobs and money. Now I am left with the memories.. My two shows, The Sixties Express and The Seventies Show,  which you can listen to on this great Radio Station, allow me to play some of the greatest music ever made by iconic artists. Please join me and share the great music!



Dave Edwards has been associated with the world of Radio Broadcasting for over 40 years, having started as many do, in Hospital Radio. He was one of the driving forces behind the formation of The Loughborogh Hospitals Broacasting Service (LHBS) back in 1975. In fact Dave was the Station Manager for several years. He was also associated with Radio Fox in the early 1990's. He produced and presented the Sunday Breakfast Show. Radio Fox provides entertainment and information for hospital patients in his home city of Leicester
Dave has, over the years,  worked for both Commercial and Publicly funded
radio stations both here in the UK, as well world-wide. He started as a Studio
Assistant at BBC Radio Leicester in 1976. He was used as a Commercial 'Voice Over' talent on Radio Trent in Nottingham and Mercia Sound in Coventry in the eighties. Dave has also worked in the USA, Canada and Indonesia.
Dave returned to live in the UK again in 2010. He has spent the past few years
providing 'Voice Overs' for several USA based radio Stations, producing them in
the Broadcast Studio that he has set up at his home.
He has also been very busy running  his own Internet Radio Station, Classic Hits
Uk, which showcases the hits of the 60's & 70's. The station is heard in over 95
countries worldwide.Having grown up in the Sixties, and having experienced the Seventies, he has agenuine love for the popular music of those two  decades. This is reflected in his
show called 'That Seventies Sound' which he produces and presents each and
every week. The show is not only heard on Classic Hits Uk, but on other quality
radio station's around the globe.



Chris Tucker here but everyone calls me Tuc.
I started in Hospital Radio over 40 years ago and now,after following a career in entertainmens,I am settled on the East Coast of England with my Rose,2 grown up children and 3 amazing grandchildren. I returned to my radio roots some 4 years ago and enjoy producing and presenting various genre of music,mixed with jovial banter.



It all started in 1971 .. After the usual apprenticeship 'on the road' I must have been doing something right because in the space of a year I found myself selling the mobile disco kit, the van and associated bits and pieces to work for two radio stations, now defunct - (I must be a jinx!) in the South of England. From there I was engaged by an entertainment agency as a DJ/Presenter/Compere and even a presenter for HRB .. a Hospital Radio Broadcasting company in the East of England .. That too was rewarding and fun. One highlight that will forever be a fond memory was meeting, and working with the ‘Emperor Rosko’ at a gig. Coming in second place was just fine when ‘doing it’ with the great man. He’s still going strong so there’s hope for me yet!

Keep on groovin, Best wishes.

Papa D 



Currently presenting a 2 hour show on The David J Clark Pop Quiz Hot Showcase which plays your favorite Music and artists featured in Movies TV & Video Games.

Whilst also being a Father,Husband,Son,Fighter,Eater, Writer,Internet Radio Presenter,Gamer & man who likes paranormal & sport & Living life to the full (Not always in that order)

Mervyn Patterson

Hi My Name Is Dj Mel I have work n a number of internet radio stations and also worked for hospital radio. i enjoy doing live events as well as done previously, i play various kinds of music from back when to recent also club,mixes,reggae and r&b


Titus Jennings

Titus Jennings – a child of the 60s and of suburban London, though now a resident of South Wales - has been involved in radio and the music industry, in one form or another, for most of his working life.He's been waffling away and playing his always-eclectic blend of music since the late 70s on stations such as London Hospitals Broadcasting, Kingston Hospital Radio and University Radio Bath. In the 90s and 00s he presented the Breakfast Shows on Bath’s Torch FM andBristol's Caroline Rocks, and has been working as a presenter / producer & programme controller on a number of internet-based stations since 2005.Titus managed a couple of Bristol record stores in the late 80s, was a Pinnacle Records sales rep for a decade, and has also written CD, DVD and book reviews for Record Collector and other publications. He did ask us to mention that he is available for further voiceover, writing and audio production work; please send offers via his email, twitter or facebook accounts (which he plugs relentlessly).His Retro Album Chart Show features the charts from 2 years each week, and includes the cream of the crop from each (or at least the cream of the relevant crop of his collection...).The Titus Jennings Experience is a programme featuring a wide array of styles, some very new and some rather older, but all hand-picked and sorted in order to give your ears a real treat. As someone once put it "Top Tunes Without Boundaries".

Barbara McRobbie (Bab's Macca)


My name is Barbara McRobbie (Babs Macca) I have been in and around Radio since I was a teenager I was a runner in the Pirate ages lol but  always in the background, decided I would like to give it a try for myself, I am a wedding Photographer and Work for the local Government, I love Music ? it is a passion, thanks to XLR I can realise that

Richard Rattray


My name is Richard Rattray I've been doing dj work since 2001. And back in 2013 I started with hospital radio and then moved to radio Saltire. And did different shows for the American music industry where I got to meet some big names in house music and stars from the 80's who have been working in USA. Then I joined xlr radio where I do a 80's show and a mixed show where I play music through the years and some new tracks that some of the house dj's send me. I do like to have a good laugh where you can join in as well. So every Tuesday and Sunday you will find me having fun and put a request and I'll do my best 


Tony Heare 

Danny Sun

Danny Sun is from the Midlands has been entertaining since as long as he can remember ever since blasting his cassette player out of his bedroom window to his neighbours, he was born to DJ. Danny studied popular music at Birmingham University and has appeared on various television shows and deejays many private parties and functions + charity fundraising.Danny has been a degree of experience in radio presenting having worked for London radio & currently specialises in the breakfast/mid morning show incorporating humour and trivia and a variety of music into his set as well as interviewing and supporting local artists and musicians In his spare time Danny enjoys a little bit of bingo, pub quizzes, holidays, outdoor pursuits and eating out.Over the years Danny has entertained thousands of people over the years and his mission is to keep doing so until it’s time to hang up the headphones.

DJ Taylor


Hi my names Alan AKA DJ Taylor im new to XLR Radio I decided i wanted to start doing radio since watching my friends doing it. you can join me live every Tuesday from 8pm till 10pm with the mash up show and every Saturday from 5pm till 8pm with the jukebox show.Hope to see you in the chatroom 

Bruce Howard

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