8am XLR Breakfast with Aaron Wheeler (L)
10am Dave Edwards - That Seventies Sound
11am Chris Tucker - The Gold Mine
1pm DJ Dax - 50/50 Show
2pm Gary Jackson - The Gary Jackson Show
4pm DJ Prouds - Musical Mystery Tour show (L)
6pm Mal Williams - Country Music Zone (L)
7pm Darren Williams - Music Then And Now (L)
8pm Jo - Music Mix  (L)

Gem -Wind Down Zone (L)

12am The Night Crew (Shift)
GOLD Tuesday's (6am - 8pm)
6am Colin French - Rewind To The 70's

XLR Gold Breakfast With Aaron Wheeler (L)


Steve Bishop - Old Record Club (inc. The Bradshaws at 10am)

12pm John Farmery - 80's
1pm Dave Howard - The Time Machine
2pm Gary Jackson - Sounds of The Seventies
3pm John Farmery - The Sixties Express
4pm Duncan - Afternoon Decades (vt)

Richard Rattray - 80's Retro

8pm Jo - The Wind Up Zone (L)
10pm DJ Grim - The Love Sanctury (L) 
12am The Night Crew (Shift)
8am XLR Breakfast With Mal (L)
10am Dazman - Golden Years
12pm Dave Edwards - That Seventies Sound
1pm Shaz Kuiama - Fragment of Time (L)
3pm Roger Nicholls - 60's Scene
4pm DJ Prouds - Musical Mystery Tour show (L)
6pm Gems - Decades  Zone (L)
8pm Garry Evans - Back To The 80's (L)  
10pm Andy Saunders - Mellow Moments
12am The Night Crew (Shift)



XLR Breakfast with Gem (L)

10am Alan Nicklin - Guilty Pleasures (inc The Bradshaws at 10am)
12pm John Farmery - The Seventies Show
1pm Mal - Time Tunnel
2pm Titus Jennings - The Retro Album Chart Show
4pm Duncan - Afternoon Decades (vt)
6pm Sarah B - The Fantastic 90's (L)
8pm Shelley McRobbie  - The Scene (L)

Mervyns - Anything go's show (L)


The Night Crew (Shift)

6am David J Clark - Pop Quiz Hot Shot Showcase

XLR Breakfast With Jo (L)

10am Andy Glynn - Golden Oldies Show
12pm Dave Mac - The Retro Chart Show
2pm Gem - Decades Zone (L)
4pm Mal Williams - Mal's Music Zone (L)
6pm Gary Jackson - My Generation
8pm DJ Dax - 50/50 Show
9pm XLR Evening Golden Music Box

DJ Grim - The Graveyard Shift (L)


The Night Crew (Shift)

Saturday's (all live from 8am!)
6am Ben Johnson - The Experience
8am XLR Weekend Breakfast With Mal (L)
10am Gem - Weekend Music Box (L)

Dazman - Decades Rewind (L)

2pm Big Bob - Memory Lane (L)
  Please note you will have to sign up in the first instance to the chat before entering once signed up all you have to do is sign in on future visits:
5pm David Howarth - The Power Hours (L)
7pm Eddy Fowler - The Party hour (L)
8pm Craigyboy - The Big Saturday Night Show (L)
12am The Night Crew (Shift)

Live Sunday's   (From 8am)

6am David Macfarlane - The Positive Spin (Christian)
8am XLR Weekend Breakfast With Jo (L)
10am Gem - Weekend Music Box (L)
12pm Richard Rattray - Sunday Best (L) DJ Grim Covering.
2pm DJ Grim - The Sounds From The Crypt (L)
6pm Babs - Pick N Mix (L)
8pm Sarah B - Sunday Session (L)
10pm Lazy B - Chill Out Zone (L)
1am The Night Crew (Shift)

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