Mal Williams
Hi I am Mal Williams I first became a radio presenter when I joined Venture Radio in early April 2010. I brought to the station a show called “The Music Zone. The show continues today in various forms now across other internet radio stations too. have lived in the county of Kent in the UK all my life from where I present my show from one of the Kent studios. I would very much like to welcome you to the newly formed that I co- own that came on the air in June 2017. I hope you can join me when you can tune in by the various means that are available and listed on the stations web site. I enjoy good modern music and music from the early years when I remember when pirate radio stations were on the air and all at sea. Welcome to the Music Zone and look forward to welcoming you soon to one of my shows..
Darren Williams
Hi There! I am Darren and I now live in Oxfordshire with my own family after growing up in Kent where my family still live. I have always loved listening to all kinds music and will always have a radio on somewhere. Radio broadcasting has been something that I had thought about, and believed one day I may achieve being on air which i have now done since 2014. Come and Join me for my Show "Music, Then and Now" here on XLR radio Every Monday from 7pm until 8pm. I will be playing great music from late 50's up to the present day covering all genres. follow the show on Facebook(search for Music Then and Now Radio Show) or twitter@musicTandN
Sarah B

Hi I’m Sarah,I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember,I play the violin & bagpipes and also sing. Mum of three and currently studying full time for an honours degree. XLR Radio is the first station where I have had my own show so I’m a newbie, and loving it, although I have a lot of family and friends who are on air.  I broadcast from the Scotland Studio, along side some of our other Scottish Presenters.

Babs Macca
My name is Barbara McRobbie (Babs Macca) I have been in and around Radio since I was a teenager I was a runner in the Pirate ages lol but always in the background, decided I would like to give it a try for myself, I am a wedding Photographer and Work for the local Government, I love Music ? it is a passion, thanks to XLR I can realise that. Take a look at the schedule to see when I go live on XLR Radio!
Lazy B
The Lazy B Story… Born at a very young age in Bournville, Birmingham, England. I attended Raddlebarn Junior & Infants School, followed by Selly Oak Boys. After School most evenings you would find Lil’ LB working in my local butchers shop ? Chopping his meat on the block and amazing all the customers with his chunky lean chops and big portions! (and mopping the floor too) *sob*Junior LB made his move to Radio by joining Hospital Radio (BHBN) and after excelling soon found myself as a tech Op @ Birmingham’s BRMB. soon moved on and after freelancing at various stations in the midlands including Kix96, WM, Xtra Am & WYVN, Birmingham’s Buzz FM, (not to mention dabbling in Pirate Radio). Buzz FM was a local was a local station that was suffering financial problems and had found itself in danger of going bankrupt (yet again) and was only days away from disappearing from the airwaves of Birmingham ?I made my move from Radio to TV and worked on such programmes as Dalziel & Pascoe, Casualty, The Bill, TFI Friday, Eastenders, Dr Who and many, many other dramas, mostly for the BBC, including “Hotel Babylon” and Torchwood! You can catch the great Lazy B Every Sunday Night at 10pm Here on XLR Radio!

Craigyboy is a 31-year-old that has done many years in radio for many different stations. One thing Craig is really fussy about is the quality of the sound his show brings. A huge amount of time (and money!) has been spent ensuring we make the best sound possible. Most of the imaging (jingles) you hear on the show has been made by Craigyboy himself ensuring the whole show package is tailored to suit Craigyboy style. So more about Craig, well he lasted one day at Hospital Radio, let's just say there are a few 'chancers' in that field! I am really hands on and I couldn't cope with starting from the bottom, that is what you get for spending many years messing about with computers and radio equipment teaching yourself I suppose!One thing I have taken from all this, is that radio is a very hard game to get into! I hold my hands up to anyone that has got a job in radio. I'm lucky in a way as I've got support from some great people and friends who, like me, have all tried different things in radio to further their career. My best friend Aaron has been a massive part of this setup and technical parts. He is a fellow presenter and a self-confessed computer geek(!). He is the man who hosts the show technical side & website plus my 'go to' guy when I need to discuss the next steps of furthering the show. For that reason, I owe him a massive thank you! Right enough about me, if you want to know more please ask, I don't bite(!). I am LIVE every Saturday here on XLR Radio at 8pm

Hi my name's Daz, also known as Dazman and I joined XLR Radio in June 2017. I come from Kent in the South-East of England where I have lived all my life. As well as listening to music my other hobby is campanology! I've loved playing music since I was very young & love all kinds of music from the 50's to today. I especially like the 60's & 80's pop as well as liking for Irish folk group Clannad as well. Coming into radio has been a long awaited ambition of mine to be a presenter/DJ. If you like a good variety of music then feel free to listen to my shows as I tend toplay a bit of everything.
Danny Sun
Danny Sun is from the Midlands and has been entertaining/performing since as long as he can remember. Eversince blasting his cassette player out of his bedroom window to his neighbours, he was born to DJ. Danny studied popular music at Walsall College and has appeared on various television shows and deejays many private parties, weddings, birthday parties and functions + charity fundraisers. Danny has a degree of experience in radio presenting having worked for London radio & currently specialises in the breakfast/mid morning show incorporating humour and trivia and a variety of music into his set as well as interviewing and supporting local artists and musicians. Danny also likes to cover the odd show here and there. Danny likes all types of music and is best know for his naughty 00s. In his spare time Danny enjoys a little bit of bingo, pub quizzes, holidays, outdoor pursuits and eating out, film, swimming and a dab hand at bingo. Over the years Danny has entertained thousands of people and his mission is to keep doing so until it’s time to hang up the headphones. There is no sign of doing this at present and a Danny vows to keep spinning those discs.
Big Bob (Bob Redys)
XLR Radio was looking for a presenter who was smart, had a good vocabulary, a sense of humor and had tons of charisma. Instead we got Big Bob, a native of Detroit, Motown , Michigan. Bob's Memory Lane show features "Old Time Rock & Roll" along with charted hits from the 50's 60's and 70's, including one hit wonders and covers. Bob's database contains charted tunes from a variety of popular groups. Bob says, "We just don't play songs, we play memories. Before we had cell phones, before there were CD-ROMS, before microwave ovens dictated what we ate, and before SUV's emptied our wallets, wasn't life much simpler? If you remember the Motown Sound, Drive-in Movies, and Cruising your Main Street, then sit back, listen, enjoy, and reminisce with the tunes that will never die!"
My name is Darren but to close friends I’m Dazzle I’m 47 n love music from the 60’s to 90’s. Been a radio presenter for over 17 also owned my own station for 2 yrs n co owned for 2 yrs. started out on Rainstar Radio now at XLR Radio. You’ll catch me on various shows from At The Hop on a Friday from 7pm and between the sheets 2 nights week Monday n Tuesday from 10pm
I am pete the producer, I am 45 yrs old and partner to dazzle. I present 3 shows on XLR and I have a unique brand of presenting because I have a speech impediment and sometimes it makes it difficult for me to say things. the shows I do are mon 2pm to 4pm with my afternoon tea show, weds 10am to 12pm with my musical alphabet show, fri 2pm to 4pm with my pot luck show, Come and join me
DJ Mike

I started my Radio Interest on the 15.10.1985 at my local Hospital Radio. (CHR.. Chichester Hospital Radio) I carried on right through to 1994 and then went back after having to pack up work in Feb 2000.

From there on i found a real enjoyment in playing a wide selection of Music to other people,and working with a lot of Technical equipment as i do see myself as a Gadget Fan. While still doing my shows at my local Hospital Radio i then joined QA Hospital Radio in Portsmouth.

In the Summer of 2006 i found an Internet station in Westbourne (QBR QuailtyBeatsRadio) and left CHR to do more there. Sadly in 2009 the QBR station closed so i then re-joined CHR and enjoyed doing shows at both of those hospital radio station.

Then i met, and got on very well with a Guy from Kent, who told me about two guys in Havant running there own Internet Radio Station.. I became one of there team and did shows on Monday's and Thursday Mornings from 11.00-2pm.
As that sadly went, i was given the chance to join XLR Radio,and did my First one on the 31st May 20018.
Now doing Mondays 11am--2.00pm and Thursdays 10am-12.00pm. A show called the Munch Brunch where i play music from the 60's 70's, 80's and early 90's.... There's a Quiz section,the Munch Brunch and even a Comedy slot..

So tune in to XLR Radio and let DJ Mike Squezzzze in all those Golden Oldies and Classic tracks.

Hi this is WMChris, I am a 67 year old mother of 3 from sunny Birmingham. I have been presenting on various internet stations for a few years and am lucky enough to like all types of music (except Rap and Jazz). My favorite type of music is Music from the Movies and I love nothing more than sharing my passion with the listeners. But be warned my shows always come with one or two gremlins!!!! Luckily I have friends who are happy to help. I love presenting both of my shows which are WMChris' Music Mix and The Movie Music Show. Hope to see you there.
Jack Peplow
Hello to all the listeners to XLR Radio, my name is Jack Peplow and I am very pleased to be joining the talented team at XLR. I have previously worked as a club DJ round the Midlands and more recently became a singer in the pubs and clubs, singing all Types of music genres to hopefully get the audiences up off their seats. I have moved from the Midlands, and I will be broadcasting from the North West studios near Chester. I will be moving again soon, but not far I hope, as I quite like it where I am now. Music on my shows will be quite random lol, to include ‘mainly old stuff’ cause thats what I know and prefer, I hope you’ll join me and keep listening to XLR Radio… Jack
Stef Mac
Cover Presenter

Born in Scotland having experience on Commercial radio community radio and internet radio for the past 10 years between working in a full time job. I was later in Life a Mature Student where i gained HNC Creative Media Study's too further my experience on Radio and Law. You can Now join me on XLR Covering Shows, I hope you can join me when I am live.

Chris Tucker
Hi Chris Tucker here but everyone calls me Tuc. I started in Hospital Radio over 40 years ago and now,after following a career in entertainmens,I am settled on the East Coast of England with my Rose,2 grown up children and 3 amaizing grandchildren. I returned to my radio roots some 4 years ago and enjoy producing and presenting various genre of music,mixed with jovial banter. Toodles With thanks to our sister station Costal Sound Radio, you can catch Chris on a Wednesday at 3pm with his Goldmine and Breakfast With TUC Saturday and Sundays from 9am here on XLR Radio!
Colin King

I started in the DJing world in the early 70’s working as a resident MECCA DJ

I worked at all the major clubs in the North West including the famous WIGAN CASINO and opened Wigan Tiffany’s with Emperor Rosko.

I have worked for Piccadilly Radio on outside broadcasts and worked with the major DJ’s of the era including DLT, Noel Edmunds, Emperor Rosko and Andy Peebles.

I have also worked for Stringfellow at the Manchester club when it opened

Worked on internet radio for some years with various stations although SOUL is a passion I love and play many types of music for all.

As well as being a DJ I am an actor, who has done several films with lead roles in a few small films and as an extra in film and T.V.

I Coach American Football and been involved at the top of the game for 35 years.

Andy Glynn

Andy G is from Small village in West Yorkshire has been an internet DJ/Presenter now for about 10 years.
" Music has played a big part of my life Growing up,
so being a DJ/ Presenter is a great way to
share my music with you "
Andy has broadcasted shows on Community Radio for a short while
then its internet Radio My Hobbies are computers and design
favourite Band: Queen
Favourite song: Music by John Miles
Favourite solo artist: Michael Jackson

Major Lance

I started my Radio Broadcasting at Radio Cabin which was primarily Hospital radio but now is on FM.Back in the middle 1990's, have been on 2 other internet radio stations, before coming to XLR with Yesterday's Gold, Golden Decades where I can go back to the beginning of the early 1900's.

Toney Brenham

Toney started his career back in the 70s in the local Youth Clubs. He then progressed to the nightclub circuit and after he turned professional he toured the country, working at military bases, London hotels, weddings and holiday camps. Still working today at weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries (including many whose weddings he DJ'd at 30+ years ago!)across the country. He loves to play all music including all the the up to date tunes. His love for music spans the generations with excellent knowledge of everything from Motown, Stax and Atlantic records right up to current day. Toney loves to discover both new music and covers of old much loved classics. He enjoys spending his downtime with family and has laid the way for a future generation of music lovers with his son becoming a successful DJ in his own right.

You can hear Toney on XLR Live on Sundays!

Shelley McRobbie

Shelley has been on the radio for over 2 years and is over the moon to be returning to XLR Radio.
She has a keen interest in playing music from both unsigned and
established artists such as Paul Carrack, UB40, Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue) The Hunna, Single By Sunday
and many more.
Each week Shelley will feature up and coming artists as well as having a few guests on the show, mixed with loads of shenanigans and great music, so don't miss out on the fun and enjoy having your requests on the show too.
The Scene with Shelley McRobbie can be heard every Tuesday 7-9pm here on XLR Radio

Linda White

Hi I’m Linda, Have always had the love of music since I was young in the 50’s. I have followed XLR since it started and have been part of it for the past few months. Starting as the PA but thought I’d like to have a try at broadcasting. Started with an hour show on 27th December, my Dolly Mixtures show, where I play only female singers and groups over all decades and genres and on 9th Jan I start my two hour Theme show, where I play a different theme every week .

Marc Wilson

Marc started his interest in radio as a fan of Rod Lucas in 1985 on BBC Radio Kent, and was a regular caller to his phone in show at the tender age of 13. This eventually led to Marc joining Rod’s on air team and was a regular contributor at the station in Chatham, and then later when Rod moved to Invicta FM (now Heart) he would join him at Earl Street in Maidstone. There was also a few monthly RSLs for the charity Radio Cracker, and notably Marc was part of the presenting team during the trial period of Medway FM (now KMFM) in Rochester High Street.

Marc moved into the world of DJ’ing, but was always a fan of radio, in particular speech based radio. Marc’s career moved into the technical side of radio, and to this day, Marc’s day job is in providing radio and TV stations around the world the equipment they need to broadcast.

Marc is a family man with a wife and two young daughters.

Paul Daisley

I’ve been enthusiastically talking in-between records for many years now, taking in stints on Hospital radio, student radio, community radio and podcasting, before finally coming to rest here at XLR radio; I’m passionate about music both new and old, and I love sharing my passion with my listeners, so you can look forward to a weekly musical odyssey taking in an eclectic mix of everything from prog rock to punk and dub reggae, along with a healthy dose of brand new music- the rule is if I like it, it’s in!
My favourite artists of all time are Smashing Pumpkins, Steven Wilson and Led Zeppelin, so you can expect to hear them on frequent rotation.

Thomas Hall

My name is Thomas Hall, Tj to my friends. I have loved music since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, (not really I'm not that old).

My love of music comes from shuffling through my mums Vinyl and CD collection and playing albums on repeat for weeks.

This new show is my collection of the greatest love songs taken from every era since the music charts began.

I hope you can tune in and also provide me with some iconic requests too.

And remember in a crazy world 'Hall you need is love'.