My DJ career started in 1998 in many bars and clubs in Limerick Ireland. During the ensuing years moving into night clubs, hotel parties and residency DJ work. My radio break came in 2012 when I hosted a breakfast and later a drive time show on West Limerick 102fm leaving there to return to owning my own online radio station and doing shows for other stations in England . I joined XLR Radio in April 2019 hosting my Night Time Show from 10pm to the midnight hour I would love to see you here in the chatroom to say hello and maybe play a request or two for you so I would.

I now play all three decades to suit everyone.

I been a online Radio Presenter for 16 years. Mostly Rock & Metal Radio Stations. Then 7 Years ago I went to a Military Station as a Station Mgr. & Presenter. I realized they did not have the Support needed for our Service Men & Women so I opened my own Station 5 years ago […]

Danny Sun is from the Midlands and has been entertaining/performing since as long as he can remember. Eversince blasting his cassette player out of his bedroom window to his neighbours, he was born to DJ. Danny studied popular music at Walsall College and has appeared on various television shows and deejays many private parties, weddings, birthday parties and functions + charity fundraisers. Danny has a degree of experience in radio presenting having worked for London radio & currently specialises in the breakfast/mid morning show incorporating humour and trivia and a variety of music into his set as well as interviewing and supporting local artists and musicians. Danny also likes to cover the odd show here and there. Danny likes all types of music and is best know for his naughty 00s. In his spare time Danny enjoys a little bit of bingo, pub quizzes, holidays, outdoor pursuits and eating out, film, swimming and a dab hand at bingo. Over the years Danny has entertained thousands of people and his mission is to keep doing so until it’s time to hang up the headphones. There is no sign of doing this at present and a Danny vows to keep spinning those discs.

Hi I am Mal Williams Join Me for my Various Music Zones here on XLR Radio

Hi There! I am Darren

My name is Barbara McRobbie (Babs Macca)

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The Lazy B Story…

Craigyboy is a 31-year-old that has done many years in radio for many different stations. One thing Craig is really fussy about is the quality of the sound his show brings. A huge amount of time (and money!) has been spent ensuring we make the best sound possible. Most of the imaging (jingles) you hear […]

My name is Darren but to close friends I’m Dazzle

I am pete the producer

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