Holly J

Hi, my name is Holly Jones, but my friends all call me Hollyj. I worked in Local Government Office for 24 years until retirement. Upon retirement, I wondered how I would fill my days and it scared me somewhat. I didn’t want to become a boring OAP lol. My love of 60’s music, I was introduced to my local Radio Station and invited to join them as a Radio Presenter. With no previous experience, I felt out of my comfort zone for the first session, but I quickly adapted and six years under my belt, I think I’ve finally cracked it! As weeks turned into months and then years, I was being asked to join other Radio Stations. This was the boost I needed. My listening audience were requesting some 50’s and some 70’s as well, so I now play all three decades to suit everyone. That’s it from me, hope to see you on my FB page soon. Regards Hollyj